Additional Project C.A.R.E.S. Programs


Each client will be taught life coping skills to help enhance their self-esteem, self worth, and understanding of basic economics and personal financial management, drug and alcohol avoidance strategies, development of coping strategies such as dealing with loss and separation, understanding group dynamics and developing a win-win strategies through negotiation and collaboration, and the development of good citizenship values.


Improving academic abilities, pursuit of post-secondary education, and pursuit of continuing education, computer awareness and literacy, and awareness of library use for general purposes.


Vocational/technical school exploration, job applications, resumes & interviews, demonstration of academic skills such as research and writing, entry-level job awareness, and understanding of career field clusters.


Knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution and government to include the voting process, respect for law and order, and appreciation and understanding of service to country, state, and community through volunteerism.


Understanding group dynamics and the importance of roles within groups, emphasis on practical applications of leadership and fellowship in client's activities, understanding the ethical and moral dimensions of leadership, and understanding responsibilities of leadership and fellowship.


Understanding effects of substance on physical health and well-being, proper nutrition in daily diet, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and the achievement of good health through a holistic approach that that combines physical and spiritual well-being.


Our outdoors program is designed to expose clients to the many opportunities that life has to offer, as well as, the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Our monthly recreational activities include: trips, camps, and more.


Each client that enters our treatment program will be required to identify his/her career choice. Our weekly career workshops including: guest speakers, lectures, industry personnel, entrepreneurs, and more.


Participation in community self-help projects, community activities that benefit the community as a whole, and community organizations that have as their goal the enhancement of the community at large.


Clients will be encouraged to participate in activities to help improve their physical capabilities, which include endurance, stamina, and strength.


Upon successful completion of our treatment program clients are eligible to apply for a college scholarship. The scholarship amount will vary depending upon the client's financial needs. Unique Caring Foundation also offers a college prep program designed to help prepare clients to take the SAT test. We offer a SAT prep course and a tutoring program in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.


Our workforce and savings program is designed to teach clients financial responsibility. Once a client reaches stage three of our program and is eligible to work, we will help them find employment. We encourage clients, with the help of their guardians to, save 50% of their earnings. This money will be placed in an account until the client exits our program. Unique Caring Foundation will contribute an additional $200 saving bond to all clients who complete our program.


Various intervention techniques will be used to help clients. Daily therapeutic group sessions and workshops will help clients modify their behavior and treat their needs. Clients will have a daily routine to help them learn structure and accountability. At the end of each shift, staff will take 15 minutes to inform the next shift of any problems or difficulties with residents. The night shift will be responsible for making sure that all chores are completed. Additionally, room checks will be done every 30 minutes. The group home manager and QMHP will be on call 24- hours a day. If any client should experience any medical or mental health crisis a staff member will accompany them to the nearest emergency facility. In the event that this happens, the group home manager or QMHP will meet the client at the hospital.


Unique Caring Foundation is equipped to treat clients that are placed in a level-III facility. Because our group home is set up on a roommate basis, we are not equipped to accommodate aggressive sex offenders. Clients who are extremely sexually aggressive or have severe behavior problems will be referred to a higher level of care. Once a client is placed in our care the QMHP will make monthly assessments to make sure the client is appropriately place. The assessments are designed to see if our program is right for the client. If the QMHP assessment recommends a higher level of treatment, a team meeting will be arranged with the client, their legal guardian, and case manager to discuss other treatment options.


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